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Voces Cubanas-ENG- musical-docu
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The songs of Camilo & los Clandestinos

Cuento su vida - Camilo & Los Clandestinos -
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     - Voces cubanas with Camilo & Los Clandestinos -- English musical-documentary – (A non-profit project) 

« A group from Havana arrested and censored for singing about the actual Cuban reality, they uses the words and the pain of the cuban people to sing in spanish along the melodies of Canadian, French and American famous composers »

Synopsis: 16 Cubans, Artists, workers, students, paint a portrait of their society by talking about their daily life. Restriction, shortage, censorship, repression, indoctrination, physical and psychological violence punctuate their days. From cradle to death, all Cubans are forced to submit themselves to a life of misery without the possibility of change. Their government, the Castro’s regime, imposed a constitution perpetually irrevocable. 


Directed by Camilo (2020)