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Voces Cubanas (documentary) English Teaser -720p

Voces Cubanas (documentary) English Teaser -720p

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Song teaser

1. ya es hora

2. Tumbaré mis cadenas

3. Hay que moverse

4. maldito sistema

1.Time for change
2.Break my chains
3.we gotta move
4.Bloody system

5. Señores importantes

6. se fue la illusion

7. partir al norte

8. libertad

5.Men of importance
6.The illusion is gone
7. Go north

DVD – voces cubanas - 41 min. English documentary + CD with all the songs - directed and produced by Camilo

A group from Havana arrested and censored for singing about the painful Cuban realities

After so many years of revolution and its “Buena Vista Social” this is the music-documentary voces cubanas

Portrait of Cubans, their lives, their pain, their confinement.

16 Cubans are talking about how restrictions, censorship, repression, indoctrination, even physical & psychological violence are a part of their daily lives. From cradle to the grave, all Cubans are forced to submit themselves to this life of misery without the possibility of change. The Castro’s regime wants to impose a new constitution that will make their political system perpetually irrevocable.